Cops Say a Texas Man Held a Woman Against Her Will in His Home for Days and ‘choked Her With a Bralette’ Until She ‘lost Consciousness.’


A guy in Texas was arrested this week on suspicion of detaining his ex-girlfriend at his home against her will for many days, during which he is accused of frequently assaulting her physically and sexually. Jorge Alexander Gonzales was arrested Sunday on one count of aggravated assault – family violence, a second-degree felony, according to court records examined by Law & Crime.

Gonzales’ fiancée of seven months, according to a probable cause affidavit from the Wichita Falls Police Department, left him on March 11 to reside with her aunt. After several days of Gonzales allegedly pleading with her to return and speak with him, the victim returned to the residence on North 8th Street in Wichita Falls on March 15.

Gonzales refused to let the victim go to work on March 16 once she awoke, accusing her of just wanting to leave to flirt with a male coworker. Gonzales allegedly snatched her phone away as she attempted to call for assistance. He then allegedly spent the next three days physically assaulting her, she claims.


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“She indicated that at one time, in an attempt to flee, she pretended to have something concealed behind her back, and he took a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the leg, telling her she was not leaving,” the affidavit adds. “He struck her with a closed fist, an open hand, a light, and choked her with a bralette, she stated. She alleged that she lost consciousness after he suffocated her with a bralette and he poured water on her to ‘wake her up.'”

Gonzales allegedly left the apartment multiple times throughout the three-day period, but stated he would lock the doors from the outside to prevent them from being opened from within. All of the home’s windows were allegedly barred, trapping the victim.

On March 19, the woman alleges that Gonzales sexually abused her outside the bedroom after she fell asleep.

“She indicated that she fell asleep and heard him say ‘baby,’ and then saw him staring at her from behind a table,” the document adds. “She reported that she awoke to find herself sexually raped. She was very distressed as she described what had occurred and indicated that she had told him no and that she did not wish to be sexually assaulted, but he proceeded to sexually abuse her.”

The victim claimed that the day following the alleged sexual assault, she opened a window and screamed for help, but Gonzales reportedly “grabbed her and put his palm over her mouth.” Finally, the victim was able to flee by sneaking out an unlocked door while Gonzales was showering. She then fled to a neighbor’s house and dialled 911, according to court filings.



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According to the attending officer, the girl had numerous bruises and other injuries consistent with her account of being held against her will and assaulted. Gonzales was arrested and placed into the Wichita County Jail, according to online records. He is presently being detained on a $50,000 bond.

Gonzales’ application for a court-appointed public defender was denied, with a judge concluding that he did not qualify as destitute.

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