Congress Is Considering a $300 Monthly Stimulus to Combat High Gas Prices.


Patrick Desage is one of thousands of people who have been required to climb behind the wheel of an automobile as part of their profession and have experienced the agony of filling the tank.

Desage pulled into a Sinclair station Thursday with a huge passenger van and spent $124 without topping off the tank.

“I spend this amount three times a week,” he explained.




A new bill introduced on Capitol Hill would provide a $300 monthly tax credit to working drivers, similar to the expired Child Tax Credit, except instead of stimulus flowing to parents, automobile owners would receive cash.

“It would make a dent,” Desage explained, “but in the end, it wouldn’t do anything.” It’s only double the cost of filling up my van.”

William Flournoy, a 71-year-old retired veteran, “believed the money could be put to better use helping rideshare drivers like himself and his wife.”

“She works for Uber Eats,” he explained. “This is something I do in the evening. It’s just the rent; with rent and everything else increasing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up.”

However, economist Steven Budin cautioned that people should not applaud the concept of stimulus money without understanding the broader economic impact.

“It sounds fantastic for public relations,” he explained, “but it is not the best economic strategy.”

Budin stated that gas prices have increased due to a lack of supply.


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He was concerned that an injection of money to automobile owners would increase demand on an already-scarce supply, potentially resulting in even higher costs and a greater reliance on government assistance to make prices affordable.

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