conflict in Ladakh: xi-jinping annoyed by his soldiers | Indian army has shown its might, so Chinese president got angry with his soldiers

BEIJING: Chinese soldiers, who ate their hands at the hands of the Indian military, are now facing criticism from their government. President Xi Jinping is said to be angry with the commander of the People’s Liberation Army -PLA, who led the army’s campaign in southern Pangong.

The news is even that Jinping may soon execute a big change in the military. On the night of August 29 to 30 in the Pangong region of Ladakh, the Indian army gave a dignified response to Chinese troops who were trying to infiltrate. When the question of his soldiers leaving the field reached Jinping, he got angry. The Chinese Communist Party has also openly expressed its displeasure with the military.

It was a shock on the anniversary day
By the way, this is not the first time the Indian military has given China a proper response. On June 15, the Chinese army suffered great loss in the violence in the Galvan Valley. The peculiarity is that on this day, President Xi Jinping celebrated his 67th birthday and he learned that his soldiers had been killed in large numbers. However, it is different that China has yet to accept this. The figure of the dead has not been released on his side either.

Object to retreat
Jinping was also angry with the military over the Galvan incident, and his resentment grew when the Indian military again showed its might on August 29 and 30. Some media reports also said that the Communist Party is also angry with the PLA commander who withdrew the army to avoid face-to-face fighting in the Spanggur area. However, no information has officially been revealed on this matter so far.

Preparing for major changes
According to the news, President Jinping may soon make major changes in the military. Along with the army, other security forces are also on their target. Either way, since coming to power, Xi Jinping has pulled out of his way such officers who could be a threat to him or who do not meet his expectations. The Communist Party sees the response of the Indian army as an embarrassment, so some decisions can be taken soon to change the army.