Colorado Residents Will Receive New Stimulus Checks!


Although the Colorado government has not announced a new Federal stimulus check program in the United States, its Democratic Governors have pressed for an expedited process for stimulus check disbursement.


Stimulus Check


The possibility of the federal government providing a fourth stimulus check had been discussed, but White House statements indicated that this would be a bad idea.

However, Colorado governor Jared Polis has introduced a new bill to assist American families who qualify for financial assistance.


Stimulus Checks in the Amount of $400

Jared Polis established a Cashback program in collaboration with the Colorado legislature with the goal of providing $400 stimulus checks to low- and moderate-income families.

The Governor’s announcement comes at a critical time, as the country’s inflation rate continues to rise daily.

According to Labor Department figures, the country’s inflation rate is 8.5 percent, the highest in 40 years.


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Every day, consumers pay more for essentials such as groceries, rent, gasoline, and medications, among other products and services. The cost of living is increasing, and people’s purchasing power is dwindling.

According to the Governor, the general public was not at fault in this scenario and should not bear the brunt of it.

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