Chinese virologist claims COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab; offers scientific proof | Chinese virologists seal world suspicions corona virus is of human origin

Beijing: Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan has made a big disclosure about the CoronaVirus. He says Corona was made in the Wuhan lab. Yan, who has researched the Corona virus for a long time, was associated with the Hong Kong School of Public Health. During his research, he found such facts that suggest that the virus was made in China. Beijing has once again been the target of the world because of this revelation from Chinese virologists. Many countries, including America, have said from the start that China deliberately created the virus. However, it is different that China has never accepted these claims.

WHO was also silent
Li-Meng Yan said in an interview that there was no response from the World Health Organization (WHO) when the corona virus was detected. He informed Chinese authorities of the potential danger, but ignored his warning. Was done. The virologist said the virus was made in a laboratory in Wuhan, under the control of the Chinese government.

The meat market is a smokescreen
He said Corona was not from the Wuhan meat market, because that meat market is a smokescreen, and this virus is not a product of nature. Yan claimed he learned through local doctors and some information that the virus was not born in the meat market but was manufactured. He added that the Chinese authorities know that human-to-human transmission already exists and that SARS CoV-2 is a highly mutant virus, if left unchecked it would become an epidemic. Despite this, he remained silent.

Intimidated officers
Li-Meng Yan said that when he spoke about making the world aware of this danger, the Chinese authorities intimidated him. Because of which he had to leave China and come to America. He also alleged that the Chinese government hired people to spread false information against them.

Important to know the origin
The Chinese virologist added that even if you don’t know the biology, you will still be able to identify the origin of this virus by its size. The sequence of the virus genome is like a human fingerprint and based on this you prove that corona is an artificial virus. The presence of human fingerprints in any virus is enough to say that it is of human origin. He said that in order to beat the virus it is important to know how it was born. If China had told the world the truth, perhaps it could have been brought under control in time.