Chinese Minister Wang Yi Says European Union Investment Agreement Done | China tries to trap these countries in its trap amid America’s growing tension

New Delhi: There is great news amid the current trade and diplomatic tension between the United States and China. China could implement the investment agreement with the European Union by the end of this year, for which the ongoing negotiations have reached the final stage. Experts on both sides have been negotiating for a long time on this issue, which will reach the end of this year.

Chinese Foreign Minister gave information
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who traveled to European countries, gave information on the matter. He said during his visit to Paris that negotiations between China and the European Union (China-EU investment agreement) would be concluded by the end of this year. His statement came amid diplomatic tensions between the United States and China.

The conversation lasted for many years: Wang Yi
At a conference organized by the French Institute of International Relations-IFRI, Wang Yi said the two sides had been negotiating the deal for years. Which will benefit both sides. This agreement will lead the whole world to peace. It is the responsibility of both parties to complete it.

The conversation lasted seven years, Wang Yi reached the end!
The agreement between China and the European Union had been under negotiation for seven years. To succeed, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited the capitals of many European countries. He had also recently been to Oslo, the capital of Norway, where he also warned Norway not to bestow this honor on any Hong Kong supporters just before the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize.

President of the European Commission warned in June
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made a big statement in June on the feasibility of the deal and said the deal was going to be “difficult”. He warned: “We must be more optimistic on the Chinese side.” This conversation can only be achieved when China takes a few steps forward on its side.