Chinese Army Calls Greatest US Threat to World Peace | China surrounded on all sides was targeting the United States, this grand statement on the US military

Beijing: The Chinese Defense Ministry launched a major attack on America. In the US China Report, in detail on the expansion of China’s military capacity and the goal of matching America in the future, which China has categorically rejected. The Chinese Defense Ministry has called the US military a major threat to world peace and security.

What was in the American report?
On September 2, the US Department of Defense submitted a report to Congress, which details the strength of the Chinese military and its objectives. According to this report, the Chinese military is striving to become more capable than the US military. Which is a threat to US regional policies and international security.

China’s response
Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Wu Qian (Wu Qian) dismissed the report and said the United States was trying to create a wedge between the Chinese military and the 1.4 billion inhabitants of China. He said all the evidence clearly points to America as the destroyer of world peace. And continually breaks international laws.

The example of Iraq, Syria, Libya
China named countries such as Iraq, Syria and Libya to confirm its statement and said America has killed at least 8 lakh in the past two decades. At the same time, millions of people have become homeless. Because of the war, they had to flee everything. Wu Qian said America is reporting on China by not looking at them.

DC voltage in Sino-US
Tensions have existed in China and America for some time, especially in the Asia-Pacific region and Taiwan. In this series, the US report claimed that China insists on equalizing the strength of the US military by 2050. It is rapidly increasing the number of nuclear weapons. At the same time, China is also talking about the forced occupation of Taiwan.