China Now Targets South China Sea Rivals with Vaccine Diplomacy | China in search of opportunities in disaster, implicated many countries in ‘vaccine diplomacy’

Beijing: China, which is pushing the whole world into the CoronaVirus epidemic, sees an opportunity in the disaster. Beijing is working on “vaccine diplomacy” to trap economically weaker countries. It offers the vaccine to other countries and also gives loans to buy it.

Dragon will give a billion dollars in loans to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean just to buy the Chinese vaccine. He pledged to donate more than 100,000 free vaccines to Bangladesh, and in return, the Chinese company Synovac was allowed to conduct vaccine trials in Bangladesh. While another Sinopharma company has sent its team to Peru, which is recruiting 6,000 volunteers for the trial.

Small countries become victims
The whole world is waiting for the corona vaccine. Small countries do not have enough resources to prepare vaccines on their own, so they fall prey to China’s “vaccine diplomacy”. Indonesia is in the throes of a territorial dispute with China over the South China Sea, but it also wants a vaccine from China. Two weeks ago, Indonesian President Joko Widodo spoke by phone with Xi Jinping and the Chinese president assured him to provide the vaccine. Beijing issued a statement saying China takes Indonesia’s concerns and needs about the vaccine seriously.

The Philippines left the protest
In the South China Sea, China’s rival Philippines are also waiting for the Chinese vaccine. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte urged Xi Jinping in July. He even decided not to oppose China in the South China Sea just over the vaccine. It’s a legitimate deal for China.

Face to face
China has also offered vaccines to Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and South Asia. With this offer, he wants to show that in times of crisis, he is taking care of other countries, when the reality is to trap him. Beijing had a similar conspiracy to supply medical supplies to many countries around the world. However, complaints soon began to be received regarding its faulty supply.

When will I get a vaccine?
China has said its corona virus vaccine will be ready by November or December for mainstream use. According to China’s Centers for Disease Prevention and Prevention (CDC), four vaccines against the corona virus are in their third and final stages. Three of them were not submitted for the necessary emergency approval until July.