China Installs Loudspeakers in Finger 4 Zone of Pangong Lake, Play Punjabi Songs to Entertain Indian Troops | China plays Punjabi songs on Finger-4 to distract from Indian soldiers

New Delhi: China is not recovering from its ruse. To distract Indian soldiers from LAC, China uses Punjabi chants. China has installed loudspeakers in Finger Zone 4 of Lake Pangong in eastern Ladakh and continuously plays Punjabi songs there.

China has taken this step in view of the speed of the Indian military, so that the soldiers’ attention can be distracted. The Indian Army monitors the activities of the People’s Liberation Army from the high hills near Finger-4. According to sources, the post on which the Chinese army has placed loudspeakers is under 24/7 surveillance by Indian soldiers.

Occupy 38,000 km2 of land
On September 15, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told parliament that China had unauthorized occupation of about 38,000 km² of land in Ladakh, in violation of bilateral agreements. China’s deployment of large numbers of troops is a total violation of the 1993 and 1996 accords. Singh also said that under a so-called border agreement in 1963, Pakistan ceded 5,180 km2 of Indian land from PoK to China.

Deployment of troops in large numbers
According to Rajnath Singh, China has gathered ammunition with the deployment of its troops in large numbers in the LAC and interior regions. Tensions intensified in eastern Ladakh and in the northern and southern regions of Gogra, Kongka La and Lake Pangong. India is committed to resolving the border dispute peacefully. To this end, the Chinese Minister of Defense met in Moscow on September 4. Meanwhile, we made it clear that the deployment of large numbers of Chinese troops, aggressive behavior, and unilateral attempts to change the status quo violated bilateral agreements.

No hawk
Several attempts have been made to resolve the border dispute between India and China. Along with the defense ministers’ meeting, foreign ministers of the two countries also met in Russia. Meanwhile, a 5-point agenda has been agreed. However, whether China has continuously acted provocatively is another matter. Recently India has come under threat from the editor of a government newspaper.