China Bans German Pork After German Swine Fever Cases Confirmed | A case of African swine fever has surfaced in Germany, China has had to take these difficult steps

Beijing: China (China) announced an import ban on pork and pork products from Germany after the first case of African swine fever (ASF) in a wild boar in Brandenburg last week.

The ban was announced on Saturday by the China Customs Agency and its Ministry of Agriculture.

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The decision to import imports from China’s third-largest pork supplier came as the Asian country is already grappling with an unprecedented meat shortage due to the Corona virus outbreak.

However, German farmers had urged China not to impose a nationwide ban on pork imports.

South Korea is the second largest buyer of German pork outside the European Union after China. He too immediately banned the import of German pork as soon as a case of ASF in a dead boar surfaced on Thursday.

Please say that Germany is the biggest pork producing country in Europe. Last year, it sold $ 1.2 billion worth of German pork to China.

On the other hand, the German government is only pushing to ban imports of pork from areas that have been affected by ASF and not from all German pork.

Let us know that in recent months many cases have been confirmed in wild boars in western Poland, with only one case reported about 10 km from the German border. Apart from that, cases of African swine fever have also been confirmed in a dozen other European countries.

Significantly, ASF is not fatal to humans but to pigs and its spread is a big setback for China.