Central Texas Has Police Impersonators – Click Here to Learn How to Stay Safe.


Although we are taught from a young age to trust those in uniform, there have been instances recently where individuals have exploited this trust by luring unsuspecting drivers into dangerous situations, including attempted theft and assault. According to the Central Texas Crime Facebook page, a rash of local reports in Texas have involved individuals posing as police officers.


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How to Identify a Fraudulent Police Officer

Consider the following indicators if you have reason to believe a law enforcement officer is not legitimate:

  • The uniform shirt and pants are mismatched
  • There will be no utility belt containing a firearm, magazine pouch, baton, handcuff case, or radio.
  • There is no identification, commission card, or badge.
  • The vehicle is unmarked and does not have flashing red and blue lights.
  • Does not identify themselves or their agency
  • Requests inopportune information or makes inopportune requests
  • Fake Cop Reports in Central Texas

On Saturday, April 2nd, a man impersonating an officer was reported in Hill County near Abbott, Texas, according to the Central Texas Crime Facebook page, which cited a post from a Temple Facebook group.

At approximately 11:20 p.m. on 4/2/2022, a Temple group posted the following: “BE WARNED TONIGHT” Keep your eyes peeled for a black Chevrolet Silverado…


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The suspect was described as a stocky Hispanic man standing approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall who was dressed in black pants, a black shirt, and a cowboy hat. He wore a gun and a fake badge on his belt. He was reported to be driving a black Chevrolet Suburban equipped with internal flashing red, white, and blue lights.


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