British Prime Minister said second wave comes after seeing anti-lockdown protests in London amid COVID-19 outbreak Second wave of corona outbreak begins in this country !, People protest lockdown

London: Protests have resumed in the British capital, London, again with a lockdown, although the government has warned that a second cycle of the Corona pandemic could begin in Britain if people gather at a location is required. Meanwhile, a large crowd of protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square in London, which the government was concerned about.

Boris Johnson expressed his concern
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (UK Prime Minister Boriss Johnson) has raised concerns about the start of the second round of the Corona outbreak in the country. He said: “I am afraid of the increase in epidemic cases in Europe, including Spain and France”. However, he expressed fear of ‘economic ruin’ due to Britain’s second lockdown and said the lockdown was the ‘last option’.

Over 41,000 people have died in Britain
To date, more than 41,000 people have died from the Corona outbreak in Britain, a worrying situation according to such a small country. Meanwhile, the government has imposed strict lockdown rules in the northeast, northwest, north and central regions of Britain due to the increase in corona cases, to stem the increasing cases of the corona epidemic. Boris Johnson said: “The number of people infected has increased rapidly in recent weeks, which could be the start of the second cycle of corona infection.”

Is the timing worse in Britain?
The number of people infected with the Corona virus in Britain has increased rapidly. Recently, more than double the number of people have been admitted to hospitals. UK Medical Director of Public Health Yvonne Doyle warns the weather ahead could be worse.