Biologists shocked after hearing of killer whales attacking boats on the Spanish coa | This strange behavior of killer whales off the coast of Spain has shocked biologists

New Delhi: A group of killer whales attack boats off the Spanish and Portuguese coasts. These whales have reportedly attacked several boats in the past two months and targeted sailors. These deadly whale fish attacks damaged many boats and injured many sailors.

Most of the ships attacked went from the Strait of Gibraltar to Galicia. Victoria Morris, a sailor, told the Guardian that she believed the attack was carried out. Morris said a group of 9 whales surrounded the boat and attacked it for about an hour.

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Morris felt like he was trying to back down. Morris said: “The noise was really scary. She was trying to overturn the boat. The way she was hissing, it seemed like she was communicating with each other. Their voices were very loud.

The boats were badly damaged by these attacks and had to be towed. Fish bites were found under the boat.

These attacks have confused researchers who claim they are generally not aggressive. These intelligent animals have been seen chasing boats, but there has never been a case of an attack in such a group.

A biologist claimed he had never seen such attacks.

University of Seville biologist Rocio Espada said: “I saw these orcas growing up as children. I know his life stories and have never heard of or seen such an attack from him.

However, it is possible that the animals did this due to the stress. Espada said there was a lot of boat traffic in this area. It may also be that the lack of food makes them aggressive in catching large amounts of fish here.

In view of these threats, the Spanish authorities warned the sailors to stay away from these killer wheels.