Biden Will Introduce a Bill to Codify Roe V. Wade to the Upcoming Democratic Congress


President Biden will say on Tuesday that if Democrats keep their majority in Congress, the first bill he will introduce will be one to make the Roe v. Wade decision about abortion rights law.

Biden will say these things in Washington, D.C., at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee.

It shows that Democrats and Biden want to discuss abortion rights before the midterm elections. New polls show that the party is losing steam in its effort to keep the Senate and House.

There are some caveats to what Biden said. The bill can only pass if Democrats keep the House, which has always seemed like a challenging task, and if they gain more seats in the Senate, which could let them change the rules for the filibuster.

The number of Democratic senators may increase in this year’s midterm elections. Still, Democrats are getting more worried that they might lose the chamber entirely because of close races all over the country.

Biden Will Introduce a Bill to Codify Roe V. Wade to the Upcoming Democratic Congress

“He will say that if the American people elect more Democratic Senators and keep the House Democratic in November, the first bill he will send to the next Congress will be to codify Roe,” a Democratic official said before the speech. “He will sign it around the 50th anniversary of the Roe decision.”

The Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973. The 50th anniversary would be just a few days after a new Congress took office.

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In his speech, Biden said that more than half of the states have already passed or are planning to pass restrictions on abortion and that in other places, abortion is illegal in cases of rape and incest.

An official said, “President Biden will talk about the choice that voters will have to make in November between Republicans who want a national ban on abortions that would punish doctors who perform the procedure and Democrats who want to make Roe a law to protect women’s reproductive rights.”

During this midterm election season, Democrats have focused their campaigns on abortion rights because they think reproductive health is a popular topic.

This is because Republican states have passed laws that make it harder to get an abortion. On the other hand, independent women, Democrats fear to care more about gas prices and inflation than abortion, are hurting the Democrats.

People think that rising gas prices and constant inflation will make it much harder for Democrats to keep control of the Senate this year.

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