Baghdad airport attacked with rockets | Rockets fired again at this city airport, 4 cars damaged

Baghdad: During the terrorist attack on Baghdad airport in Iraq, 4 cars parked there were damaged. There is no news of anyone dead in the attack. After the attack, the Iraqi army carried out a search operation to catch the attackers. But he found nothing.

According to the report, rockets were fired at Baghdad airport on Sunday evening. The rockets were produced from the Abu Garib area west of downtown Baghdad, which collided with the airport. The Raki Joint Operations Command (JOC) said one of the rockets fired at the airport fell in the parking lot. Due to which four cars parked there were damaged.

No terrorist organization has so far claimed responsibility for this attack. Let’s say that terrorist organizations have long attacked Baghdad airport, Iraqi military bases, US military bases and the US embassy. For this, they are repeatedly attacked with mortars and rockets.