Former Prime Minister Abe, who has been severely blamed, visited Taiwan after visiting Yasukuni or East Asia “Deep Coverage Note” (58th) – Japan in the world

“Since Prime Minister Abe (former) became free, I hope he will play an active role in an international perspective.” On October 25, Hirofumi Shimomura, the political chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, known as an aide to former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, made a live appearance on “Sunday News THE PRIME” and sent a beer while watching the latest images of former Prime Minister Abe. What exactly does “activity with an international perspective” mean? Isn’t that a “visit to Taiwan”?


Unknown known, 8% chance of winning Trump reelection, three uncertainties surrounding US presidential election – The Economist

About four years ago, on October 28, 2016, James Comey, then Secretary of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), could be involved in an investigation into the private email issue of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Announced that a new email has been found. Since the date of the vote is earlier than the last time, Mr Trump has almost missed that deadline and it appears the chances of re-election are reduced. But did you forget something?


People disappeared from European cities again New virus bans from going out at night one after another –BBC News

As the infection with the new corona virus spreads again in Europe, night-time bans in every country have been imposed and cities that are usually full of people have emptied.


Thinking with your hands – What is the method of exploring artistic thought? _01 The artistic thinking that adults should relearn (3e) | JBpress Autograph

Phrase / picture = Yukiho Suenaga

What is “thinking with your hands”?

Hello, this is Suenaga SaiwaiAyumi from art teacher. So far, I have developed “artistic thought classes” in middle and high schools.

“Artistic thinking” may be an unfamiliar word. In “Art Thinking from the Age of 13”, I define artistic thinking as “a way of thinking that starts with me, that takes place in an invisible process until artists create their works”. made.

Artistic thinking, which begins with its own interests and doubts, has the potential to create new value that cannot be achieved through the logical problem-solving methods that have traditionally been given top priority.

In the previous series (for those who think they don’t have a personality to find their own personality) we delved into the starting point of artistic thought, “my interests”. In this series and in the next, I will be talking about the part “How do you explore?”

So what do you start with when trying to create something new? Sit at the desk and start the notes on the computer … Gather in the meeting room and make a plan by twisting your head … Probably someone who starts with “make a completion prognosis “using” head “like that I think it’s extremely important.

“Set goals, make plans, then take action.” This is a logical method useful in many situations. As long as you take the right steps, you will be able to get closer to your goals without making a big mistake.

On the other hand, it is the opposite of “thinking with your hands without setting goals”. The coined word “kodo” is perfect for “thinking while moving”.

Since we don’t set goals, we can’t predict when and what will happen, and we can even say, “No good thing is born …”. It is a totally inefficient method compared to the first.

However, the process by which artists create works while thinking of art is exactly “thinking while moving with their hands”.

With the “logical method” you can tackle the goals you have set for yourself, but it is difficult to create something that is far beyond your frame of thinking. However, the “artistic thinking method” of thinking while moving with your hands has the potential to achieve unfamiliar things that you couldn’t even imagine at first.

Artistic Thinking in Unplanned Child Behavior

I witnessed a scene where I move my hands and think. It was at this time that I visited a workshop called “Creating Unknown Creatures” for children in the lower grades of elementary school.

In this workshop, as a way to create unknown creatures, (1) first select several favorite creatures from the bio-plant picture book, (2) draw a picture while combining and arranging them, and (3 ) based on the drawing. The production procedure was presented.

However, the children did not follow the procedure and began to cut the cardboard in front of them unexpectedly, and began to collect the materials from the toolbox with interest.

The intention of the workshop organizer was far behind, but I saw that the work produced as a result of the enthusiastic movements of the children at that time could never have been produced by an earlier conception. They were unknown creatures that never arrived.

I felt it was an artistic way of thinking while moving my hands.

Produce more than expected

In my Art Reflection class for junior high and high school students, I actively encourage “thinking with your hands.” Here is an example.

At one point, I gave an oil painting class to high school students. Oil painting has a long history among paintings and various techniques have been established. Therefore, oil painting classes usually begin with learning basic techniques.

However, at that time, I did not dare to explain the tools and techniques of oil painting at all, and I started by doing an “oil painting experiment”. On the first day of the course, in addition to the oil painting tools “oil painting”, “canvas”, “special oil” and “brush”, we placed some unusual objects on the desk.

Not only canvas, but also “various fabrics”, “fluffy paper”, “cardboard”, “glass bottle” …

In addition to the special oil, “edible salad oil”, “olive oil”, “water” …

With the brush, “Toothbrush”, “Sponge”, “Tea”, “Spoon” …

The students who entered the classroom seemed interested in “What’s going on?” The experience begins.

A student tried to dissolve the oil paint in water and draw it on paper, similar to watercolor painting. However, water and oil do not mix well. The paint adheres to the brush.

A student draws on fluffy paper using oil paint dissolved in salad oil. Oil stains spread over the paper, giving it a transparent appearance. It’s completely different from the correct way to draw an oil painting, but he seems to like it, “It looks like a thin petal!” I put several sheets of paper on top of each other with the image of petals.

Another student uses a spoon to hang a watery fade of oil paint on the screen. The student next to me said, “Sounds interesting” and hung another color. The two colors are mixed to create a unique pattern.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the oil painting experience is to move your hands and experiment, so I am not asking you to “draw …”. Interestingly, however, when you move your hands and experiment, a glimpse of the expression naturally emerges.

Here, “exploring” is not the “process” to reach the goal, but the “goal” itself. As you move your hands and explore, what you want to express after the fact is born.

Now, what kind of expressions did the students create through the oil painting experiment?

Next time I will present the work of current students and talk more about “thinking with the hands”.


Surveillance and Suppression Machine, This is the Complete Picture of China’s Public Security Ministry’s Powerful People’s Control Mechanism (Part 2) – Original Overseas Column

The public security department, which is also the crackdown machine’s secret police, mainly monitors people, and those suspected of being politically dissident are targeted for detection. The authority of the Ministry of Public Security and the Department of Homeland Security and Security of the Ministry of Public Security in China is enormous.


Pursuing the Three Bunnies of Work Style, Productivity, and DX with Corona as Weird Currency Post-Corona Crafting (1) Ask the President of Alps Alpine (1/4) | JDIR powered by JBpress

Post-Corona Manufacturing (1) Ask the President of Alps Alpine

Everyone’s Prototype Open Space / 2020.10.26

Alps Alpine, which holds 40% of the global tactile switch market (Photo: Matsuo / Afro)

The new corona virus is spreading around the world and having a great impact on society and the economy. The manufacturing industry, which has supported the Japanese economy, has also been blessed by the disruption of the globalized manufacturing supply chain. How will the Japanese manufacturing industry fight to survive in the post-pandemic era? In order to find the answer, we will interview the main male “manufacturer” who has been the engine of the Japanese economy under the title of “Post-Corona Era-Manufacturing Managers”.

The first is Toshihiro Kuriyama, president of Alps Alpine, which is growing globally with the electronic parts business and the on-board information business at its core. Alps Alpine is an electronic parts manufacturer which represents around 40% of the global tactile switch market. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, consolidated revenue will be approximately 810 billion yen and consolidated operating profit will be 26.7 billion yen. The automotive market and the mobile market are affected by the global expansion of the new Corona beyond the Lehman shock. We spoke with the world’s largest manufacturers who are trying to relaunch. (Interviewer is Mika Sugiura @ Everyone’s Prototype Square)

Overseas represents 80% of sales

── Teleworking is progressing under the influence of the new Corona. Please tell us about the state of telecommuting in manufacturing.

Mr. Toshihiro Kuriyama (hereafter referred to as Kuriyama): In our company, foreigners account for 80% of sales. About two-thirds of production is overseas and 80% of our customers are overseas, as we promote production and sales activities globally. In contrast, Japan accounts for around 80% of development, and around a third of production bases remain in Japan. We have positioned this Japanese production base as the mother line.

Toshihiro Kuriyama, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Born in April 1957. A graduate of the Physics Department of the Faculty of Science of Kyoto University, he joined Alps Electric in April 1980. In April 2004, he was in charge of the general manager of the magnetic devices division, and in April 2007, he was in charge of the general manager of the business development division. After taking up the post of Managing Director in June 2011, he became Managing Director of the Technology Division in April 2012. Appointed President and Representative Director in June of the same year and continues to this day (Photo courtesy of Alpes Alpine, same below)

Kuriyama: Speaking of telecommuting, it was institutionalized two years ago (2018) and partly already in use, so even with this new Corona disaster, telecommuting itself can work smoothly. In Europe and the United States, we responded through online conferences even when we were temporarily locked up. At the time of the emergency declaration (in Japan), the attendance rate was limited to around 10% in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Currently it’s around 40%, but I’m still working without issues.

There are development bases in Tokyo, but Miyagi, Fukushima, and Niigata are the main ones. Telecommuting is not used as much as in the metropolitan area, but I think there is no risk of infection as the commute is essentially a car. However, the evaluation of the experience has to go to the factory and the manufacturing site is not teleworked. On each of these bases, we can say that it is more for reforming work style and improving productivity than for preventing infection from teleworking.

── To what extent is the Internet possible at the manufacturing site? I heard that Furukawa Factory No. 2 in Miyagi Prefecture is a smart factory.

Kuriyama: We have factories not only in Japan but also overseas, so I would like to be able to see all current production and quality status not only on PCs but also on smartphones. It is often referred to as IoT or smart factory, but it is only partially completed. We will “visualize” it globally in the future. I think if we focus on digitizing manufacturing and DX (Digital Transformation), we can get it right even with With Corona.


The great merger of the century failed in Russia, the reason is the birth of the world’s most advanced fintech with entrepreneurial spirit – Original column abroad

In Moscow, where the second wave of pandemics of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is rushing, Russia’s largest internet giant Yandex and the world’s largest internet bank have been gaining the attention of the business community for a month . This is the story of the merger of Tinkov Bank.


Kukai’s Last Heian Aristocratic Retsuden (20) written in Six Kingdoms story leading to legends of posterity – Live abundantly

Kazuhiro Kuramoto, a historian, takes the graduation biography of famous aristocrats such as Mr. Fujiwara to lesser-known people and discusses the actual picture of interesting people who lived in Heiankyo. Since Kukai is not a government official, there was no official graduation biography, but a condolence book of Emperor Junwata was published.


War has entered the age of AI in earnest, and the key is the military hijacking of civilian “F-35” technology, which cannot beat unmanned planes.

In August 2020, during the main event of the “Alpha Dog Fight Competition” sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), “F” by humans and artificial intelligence (AI) Air combat (dog fight ) simulating “-16” has taken place for the first time in history. The result was a landslide victory for AI.


Corona has completed? Momentum for increased production and changes in the purchase price range in Japanese companies where the Chinese auto market has experienced a major revival – Overseas Original Column

Following the outbreak of the novel corona virus, the Chinese auto market was initially expected to fall below the level of the previous year for the full year. However, in response to the recent boom, more and more voices are being heard: “I think we are going to achieve a year over year increase rather than a minus this year.”