At the Texas-Mexico Border, Customs Officers Seize More Than $1 Million in Cocaine and Meth.


HIDALGO, Texas — Authorities said last weekend that customs officials seized more than $1 million in narcotics believed to be cocaine and methamphetamine at the border in southern Texas.

According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection news release, agents seized $1,088,000 in drugs at the Hidalgo International Bridge in two separate incidents.




CBP officers inspected a gold Ford pickup truck entering the United States from Mexico on Friday. According to the news release, agents discovered five packages hidden in the vehicle. According to the news release, one package contained 2.38 pounds of what appeared to be cocaine, and the others contained 8.38 pounds of what agents believed to be methamphetamine.

According to the release, agents stopped a white Mazda SUV on Sunday and discovered 88 packages of alleged methamphetamine weighing 67.72 pounds.


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“Our CBP officers fully utilize their keen observation and awareness skills, experience, and all available tools and resources to thwart smuggling attempts at our port of entry,” said Carlos Rodriguez, port director at the Hidalgo station, in a statement.

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