At New York City Subway Stations, Good Samaritans Leap Into Action to Save Those Who Are Stuck on the Tracks!


Another perilous day on the New York City subway, with at least three commuters falling over the rails.

One guy was killed when he was struck by a train in Queens, while two others — one in Brooklyn and another in Times Square — were rescued by Good Samaritans.

Two guys hoisted another man to safety late Wednesday at the crowded Times Square subway station, according to cellphone footage.

“There was no time for doubt; I was lucky to be present to assist in saving this man’s life,” Denis Pupovic explained.

He stated that he had no idea how the man ended up on the tracks. When they spotted the man laying face down and in great danger, Pupovic and his coworker, Eamon Carey, just went down to assist.

“I had no idea what was going on. Denis didn’t hesitate; we exchanged no words – the next thing I know, we’re on the railroad tracks, hoisting this guy up “Carey stated. “I simply believe that is the proper thing to do.”

New York City Subway Stations

The two stated that they do not wish to be referred to as heroes; they simply witnessed what was occurring in front of them and acted immediately — because they did not have time to pause, with a train approaching as they jumped down to assist in saving the guy.

“There was a train approaching, but it was a good distance away,” Pupovic explained. “Believe me, there wasn’t much time.”

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Another rescue occurred about an hour later in Park Slope, authorities said, after a man fell over the tracks at the Fourth Avenue/Ninth Street station. He and a Good Samaritan slid beneath the platform as the train approached, narrowly escaping being struck.

In Queens, police said they are investigating an incident in which a man in his 30s became trapped on the 7 tracks near Junction Boulevard. After sliding off the platform, he was struck and killed by a train.

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