An Ex-Mexican Border Governor Has Been Arrested in Connection With a Write-in Campaign.


MEXICO CITY– The former governor of Mexico’s border state of Nuevo Leon was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of submitting fraudulent signatures for his write-in presidential campaign in 2018.

Jaime Rodrguez, a former governor, was the first independent candidate to win a statehouse in Mexico when he won in Nuevo Leon, just across the border from Texas, in 2015. He stepped down from office in 2021. Monterrey, the state’s northern industrial hub, is located within the state.

Rodrguez is best known by the moniker “Bronco,” which translates as “wild horse,” and he built an image of an untamed, plain-spoken outsider.


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However, the accusations on which he was arrested on Tuesday are related to his failed presidential campaign in 2018. He qualified as a write-in candidate, despite the fact that election officials concluded that a large number of the signatures he provided were collected fraudulently.

Rodrguez was detained for electoral crimes and was being held in a local prison pending arraignment, according to the electoral crimes prosecutor’s office in Nuevo Leon.

Rodrguez presented nearly 2 million signatures to qualify for the presidential vote, but over 800,000 were invalid, including 7,044 dead people.

Additionally, they allege that he forced state employees to gather signatures during their regular work hours and inappropriately funded the signature collection effort.

In recent years, Nuevo Leon has been Mexico’s breeding ground for weird and avant-garde politics.

Rodrguez was elected governor in 2015 following an internet campaign with a stallion logo and footage of him racing on horses. Later in life, he unsuccessfully stood for President.



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His successor, current Governor Samuel Garcia, was elected largely on the strength of his gorgeous but off-message social media influencer wife and their appearances with music celebrities. The loser of that race saw her chances dwindle when video of her in a coaching session with NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere surfaced.

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