An Attorney Who Opposed Florida’s Helmet Law Dies in a Motorcycle Crash. No Helmet


Friends of a Florida lawyer who fought against state helmet laws and died in a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet are speaking out.

Ron Smith was an experienced rider who was killed on August 20 when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a utility trailer. His passenger, Brenda Volpe, his lover, also died.

“He was the kind of person you went to for advice,” Gary Pruss told the Tampa Bay Times. The group that brought the two people together was the American Legion in Old Town.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol’s accident report, Smith was driving his motorcycle north on US-19 in Pinellas County when he started to slow down because of the traffic, lost control of his bike, and skidded off the road.

Then, his bike hit the left side and wheel of the utility trailer, causing it to spin “in a clockwise direction and flip onto its left side” before coming to rest on its left side.

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Smith, who was 66 years old, was found dead at the scene. After a few hours in the hospital, Volpe, who was 62, died.

The Times said that the medical examiner found that both Smith and Volpe had died from head injuries. When the office was asked for a statement on Wednesday night, they didn’t answer right away.

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