Ambulance Worker in California Charged With Sexually Assaulting a Teen on the Route to the Hospital


Authorities in California allege that an ambulance worker sexually molested a minor girl on her route to a hospital in Los Angeles last week.

According to Riverside County Superior Court records, Jason Dean Anderson, 22, of Wildomar, was arrested and charged with felony sexual penetration with bodily injury on a minor over the age of 14, on Friday.

Anderson was employed with American Medical Response “The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department claimed in a statement that he was “on-duty in the back of an ambulance” when he allegedly abused the teenage patient.

“During a medical transfer, the suspect… sexually assaulted and sought sexual activities from the adolescent patient,” according to the inquiry. Mr. Anderson was put into the Cois Byrd Detention Center on allegations of sexual abuse with a juvenile.”

Anderson and his family were unable to be reached for comment on Wednesday. It was unknown if he had hired an attorney.


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Following an internal inquiry, American Medical Response reported the incident to the sheriff’s department.

“During the course of our internal inquiry, the employee in issue was placed on administrative leave and has not worked since the day the alleged incident occurred,” the business stated in a statement. “AMR will fully cooperate with the Riverside Sheriff’s inquiry.”

Dan Gilleon, the teen’s attorney, stated that his client is a 16-year-old girl who was taken from her school to a local Temecula-area hospital. She was diagnosed with a mental illness and was brought by paramedics to a hospital in Los Angeles.

According to Gilleon, she was assaulted in the rear of the ambulance while a male driver was behind the wheel.

The girl’s legs were restrained during the ride, according to Gilleon.

“He’s completely exploiting her vulnerabilities,” he stated. “This is the pinnacle of power inequality.”

“In the ambulance, he informed her, ‘I do this all the time, bragging with her.'”

According to the sheriff’s department, there could be more victims.

Anderson was released on $75,000 bond, according to court records.

“He asked my name and age,” the teen told NBC Los Angeles. He inquired as to whether I was sexually active.”

“‘No,’ I responded. What bothered me the most was that he kept bringing it up “she stated.



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The kid said that the EMS worker then assaulted her as she was frozen in fear.

“He told me he did something with other young women — and that he had a new female every week,” she told NBC Los Angeles.

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