Amber Guyger’s Conviction as a Former Dallas Cop Is Upheld by the Texas Supreme Court.


AUSTIN, TX – The highest criminal court in Texas has rejected to revisit former Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger’s murder conviction, thus upholding the sentence and concluding the appeals process.

This is the latest defeat in a long line of appeals filed by Guyger’s attorneys since she was sentenced to ten years in jail for the murder of Botham Jean in 2019.


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Guyger fatally shot Jean in his Dallas condominium in September 2018 after she entered the property assuming it was hers. She asserted that she believed Jean was an invader.

Guyger’s petition for discretionary review (PDR) sought to have her conviction overturned on the grounds that “the evidence was legally insufficient to justify the jury’s rejection of her self-defense claim.” According to her attorneys, the prosecution failed to establish that Guyger did not believe she was entering her own apartment or that she reasonably assumed Jean was an intruder.


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Guyger will continue serving her ten-year term in Mountain View State Prison in Gatesville despite the denial of her appeal. In 2024, she will be eligible for parole.

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