Almost 645,000 Americans May Have Missed Their Third Round of Stimulus Payments.


The US economy was not in the finest position in March 2021. Unemployment remained high, and many COVID-19 limitations remained in effect due to vaccines being unavailable.

Recognizing that many Americans were facing financial difficulties, lawmakers authorised a third wave of stimulus cheques, which began arriving in Americans’ bank accounts that month. However, not everyone who was eligible for a stimulus payment received it on time.

Indeed, a recent estimate indicates that about 645,000 individuals who were eligible for a stimulus payment have not received one as of September 2021. And some of those individuals may be entitled for payment immediately.


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A flawed system

Once the American Rescue Plan, which included a third wave of stimulus checks, became law, the IRS immediately began processing payments. However, the IRS could only establish who was entitled for that money based on data from past years’ tax returns.

Non-filers (those who are not obligated to submit a tax return) were eligible to apply for a stimulus. However, not everyone did. Thus, a recent assessment by the US Department of the Treasury showed that approximately 645,000 people had not received their stimulus cheques by September 2021 – six months after they began to be distributed.

To be fair, some of those 645,000 workers may have been paid since September. However, the total number of people who remain without that money may be significant.

On a more positive note, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (essentially a watchdog unit within the Department of the Treasury) determined that the IRS correctly issued stimulus payments to nearly 167 million people as of mid-September, accounting for nearly 99.5 percent of all Americans eligible for a stimulus payment. Simultaneously, missed stimulus payments totaled $1.6 billion as of mid-September.


How to obtain a stimulus payment immediately

If you did not receive your third stimulus check, it is not too late to obtain it. However, you must file a 2021 tax return and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit in order to get your reward.

Taxes are due on April 18 this year. If you require assistance with submitting a tax return, you may be eligible for free assistance.

For example, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programme assists low-income households with their taxes. You may be eligible if you are a low-income earner or have trouble communicating in English. Additionally, there is the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programme for filers aged 60 and older.



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If you believe you are due a stimulus payment from last year, that is money you do not want to miss. Nowadays, living expenditures are increasing as a result of normal inflation, while the Ukraine conflict has increased gas prices. A windfall of $1,400 might mean the difference between making ends meet and floundering financially during these trying times.

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