After Being Told She Couldn’t Pick Up Her Child, Police Say a Woman Threatened to Bomb the School


After she was told she couldn’t pick up her child from school, a mother in Florida is said to have threatened to blow up the school.

On October 5, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said that 29-year-old Tiffanimarie Pirozzi made a false bomb threat, ran away from police, and disrupted a school event at University Park Elementary in Melbourne, which is southeast of Orlando.

Fox 35 got an affidavit that says a school resource officer stopped Ms. Pirozzi and gave her a traffic ticket and a trespass order for being aggressive in the past.

The affidavit says that Ms. Pirozzi threw it out the car window and then drove away.

Soon after, she called 911 and asked for a police officer to meet her at the school. She told the dispatcher, “I’m going to blow this b**ch up or I’m going to tear this b**ch down if they don’t let me pick up my motherf****n child.”

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Fox35 says that staff and students were told to stay put until the school was deemed safe.

Ms. Pirozzi later called the school’s principal to find out why she couldn’t pick up her daughter. The principal told her that she couldn’t go back to school.

The sheriff’s office says that she threatened to hit him in the face and then called 911 to say that there was a bomb.

She was arrested that day and put in jail by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Brevard County arrest records show that Ms. Pirozzi was released on October 7 after paying a $22,500 bond and is now waiting for her trial.

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