After Being Re-arrested in a Hate Crime Investigation, the New York City Faces Assault Suspect Was Freed Again!


The guy accused of beating a lady with human faeces inside a Bronx subway station has been freed from jail again following his re-arrest in September in connection with another anti-Semitic incident.

Frank Abrokwa, 37, was arraigned Wednesday and immediately turned over to investigators from the Hate Crimes Unit, who identified him as the guy wanted in Crown Heights for spitting on a Jewish man and making discriminatory comments. Abrowka was eventually released on supervised probation.

Meanwhile, the suspect was charged with forceful touching, threatening, disorderly conduct, and harassment following an incident at the East 241st Street Station on Monday, February 21, in which he reportedly smeared excrement on the head of a lady seated on a bench.

“I got off work and sat down for a while while waiting for the train,” the victim told Eyewitness News through a translator. “A guy suddenly approaches me. He punches me in the face and hurls a faeces bag at me. He distributes it liberally throughout my face and hair, without rhyme or reason.”

Guiying Ma’s case, in which she was killed after being randomly struck with a rock, is now being reopened as a probable hate crime. CeFaan Kim has further information.

Abrokwa – who police say has 44 prior arrests, one felony conviction, and ten minor convictions – was apprehended at a Bronx Boulevard homeless shelter.

According to prosecutors, he stated to officers, “(Expletive) occurs” and “This is a (expletive) scenario.”

New York City Faces Assault

They attempted to persuade the judge that he should be kept on $5,000 bond, despite the fact that the event was charged as a misdemeanour, which does not qualify for bail.

Abrokwa was promptly turned over to Brooklyn cops after the court freed him without bail. He faces charges of harassment and threatening, both of which are considered hate crimes, for reportedly approaching a 46-year-old man on Utica Avenue, uttering anti-Jewish comments, and spitting on the victim before leaving.

According to authorities, Abrokwa has a history of assaults on transport vehicles. He reportedly assaulted a 30-year-old guy on the subway platform at the 125th Street and Lenox Avenue station in Harlem on January 7.

And on February 5 at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, he reportedly attacked a 53-year-old guy.

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“I’m not a criminal justice expert, but I’m perplexed as to how someone who commits this type of assault – which was violent, horrifyingly victimising a transit rider – can walk free despite the fact that he has four other open cases against him, including two additional transit assaults and a hate crime charge. It defies logic, “According to a statement from MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber.

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His most recent arrest occurred on February 22, when he was allegedly apprehended while attempting to steal screwdrivers and pepper spray from a Bronx hardware store.

When confronted by the employee, Abrokwa advised him to contact the police, which resulted in his arrest.

He was charged with threatening, petty larceny, and misdemeanour firearm possession despite the fact that he did not steal anything.

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