Afghan President signs peace deal with Taliban

Kabul: The President of Afghanistan has appointed a Council for National Reconciliation, which will decide whether the government signs a peace deal with the Taliban. After which, long and uncertain negotiation negotiations with the rebels are expected.

Negotiations were being considered as part of the US-Taliban peace accord signed in February to determine the future of the war-torn country. However, there were many obstacles in the beginning. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday issued an order to constitute the 46-member council, which will be led by rival Abdullah Abdullah in last year’s presidential election.

Abdullah is currently the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. This council is on the sidelines of the 21-member negotiating team that Ghani formed in March. The council will make a final decision on what the negotiating team will negotiate with the Taliban.

The high-level council set up for national reconciliation includes current and former political figures. It also includes nine representatives.

Ghani also appointed former president Hamid Karzai to the council, but Hamid released a statement on Sunday refusing to join, saying he was not ready to be part of any government structure.

(Entrance: Agence AP)