Afghan children, unemployed people turn to opium for quick cash | Afghan children forced to farm opium, know the reason

Kabul: After the outbreak of Taliban terrorism, the Corona virus, Afghanistan is now facing flooding. Afghanistan is simultaneously facing the crisis of bad economy and flooding. The situation in this country was not already good and the Corona pandemic and the floods made the situation worse here. Jobs for local employees are disappearing and businesses are also at a standstill. In such a situation, the Afghan people have found a new solution to develop the cultivation of opium in order to face the circumstances of the crisis. Yes, now a large number of unemployed people here are intensifying their tendency to grow opium.

The largest opium producing countries
Let’s say Afghanistan is the largest opium producing country in the world. Afghanistan provides 80 percent of the world’s total opium consumption. It is evident that thousands of young people are also involved in the opium trade here. It is regrettable that a large number of local people consider the cultivation of poppy fields as the best solution for their livelihood.

Many people have lost their jobs due to the Corona virus outbreak in Afghanistan. This is the reason why people are going to find jobs in the poppy fields to lead their families. Fazil, 42, from Uruzgan province, said my job was lost due to the Corona virus. My family has 12 people and I am the sole breadwinner. To earn money, I had no choice but to work in an opium field.

Poppy fields generally provide seasonal employment. Workers are paid a salary during the spring and summer season. The corona virus epidemic has scared the workers a lot and they are reluctant to make workers in the poppy fields. For this reason, the labor shortage is also felt in the border areas of Pakistan.

The lack of seasonal workers and the lack of jobs have helped farmers and the unemployed to meet half incompletely. It is sad that not only unemployed workers come to participate in the poppy fields, but students also participate in this work due to the school closure.