ADN World Intellectual Property Organization Index of Global Innovation Ranking India | DNA ANALYSIS: How far is India in research? WIPO has published the list of new inventor countries

New Delhi: Until now it was thought that Indians were behind in finding new things, but now is the time to change that way of thinking. For the first time, India has become one of the 50 largest countries in the world where new discoveries are taking place. India has now reached 48th place on the list of the world’s most innovative countries.

Focus on increased R&D
– The World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, is an organization that publishes this list of countries every year for research.

– WIPO is a United Nations organization that monitors patents and copyright for new discoveries around the world.

– The first five countries on this list are: Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

As such, India was ranked third in the list of low income countries.

– India is number 15 in terms of information and communication technologies

– In the report, credit for the innovation boom in India was given to the Indian Institute of Technology, namely IIT in Delhi and Mumbai, and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, namely the IIS.

It was also said that the focus had increased on research and development in India.

New products are developed by inventions
Here we would like to mention an idea from David Gross, Nobel Laureate and well known American physicist. According to him, “Make in India is very important for India but it should not depend on others. India should invent itself. New discoveries have to be made, new products are developed by inventions. This is why the slogan of Make in India should be replaced by Discover, Invent and Make in India.

How much budget is spent?
The number of discoveries a country makes is directly related to the budget spent on research and development. It is considered as a percentage of GDP, i.e. the total domestic product. We now tell you which countries devote what percentage of their GDP to R&D.

– Foremost in this case is damaged Korea, which spends 4.3% of its total GDP on new discoveries and inventions.

– The second is Israel which spends 4.2% on R&D.

After that comes the figure for Japan which gives a budget of 3.4%.

– Finland and Switzerland are in fourth place, both devoting 3.2% of the budget to new discoveries.

– India devotes only 0.7% of its GDP to new discoveries. All of these numbers we told you are from 2019.

This country is ahead in terms of patents
Patents measure the number of new discoveries that people make in any country. Because every time there is a new discovery it has to be patented so that no one else can copy it and you should be recognized for that discovery. Based on 2017 data, we tell you which countries are ahead in terms of patents.

In recent years, China has taken the lead in this area, which in 2017 filed around 1.3 million patents.

– It is followed by America, which has filed more than 6 lakh patent applications.

– India’s position is very low in this list. In 2017, India only sent 47,000 patent applications. His latest figures have not yet arrived. When they come, India will have gone very far in this area.

Why is India always late?
One of the main reasons India has lagged behind in innovation and research is to spend less on research and development. Understand what the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development says

– Only zero decimal 7 percent of GDP in India is spent on research. Experts believe it should be at least 2%.

– This part of India is less than the amount spent on research by countries like South Africa ((0.80)) and Malaysia ((1.3)).

– China, a neighboring country of India, devotes more than 2% of its GDP to research and development.

New discovery in India
The importance of research and research in India has so far been overlooked. Government and business think that they have mature inventions and techniques and that they don’t have to sweat themselves, spend money. This is the reason why good scientists from India leave the country and settle abroad and use their skills to make new inventions for countries other than India, but now for the first times, signs of change in this thinking appear. Whether it’s Make in India or a campaign like Autonomous India, the environment for new discoveries in India has become better than before. Further improvement is now expected after China’s ban on cheap products.

Now you must be wondering what the Indian government is doing when countries around the world are busy researching and finding new technology. Know here

– In 2016, the government announced the national policy on intellectual property rights

– In this, the necessary rules have been laid down to promote new discoveries and the commercial use of these discoveries.

The new policy is expected to help India over the next 10 years to create an innovative economy.

– Through the national intellectual property rights policy, publicly funded research institutes are encouraged to accelerate research and development.

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