Action 9 Investigates When You Might Receive Your NC State Tax Refund.


RALEIGH, North Carolina — Some viewers have contacted Channel 9 to report that they received their federal tax refund but have yet to receive their North Carolina state refund.

Jason Stoogenke of Action 9 discovered that people may have to wait even longer.

The state stated that refunds began earlier this month and that the majority of taxpayers would receive their money by the end of the month. The state stated that many refunds are now more likely to be issued in May.


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The delay is due to state legislators passing the state budget later than usual. Additionally, there were numerous changes to tax law.

The State Department of Revenue has been warning residents for months that changes to the tax code would cause refunds to be delayed.

The agency stated that it began disbursing funds during the first full week of April.

At the time, it stated that the majority of people would receive their refunds by April 30.

With April 30 only a few days away, Stoogenke followed up with them.

The agency responded by stating that while “many people will receive refunds by the end of the month,” they “now anticipate the majority of refunds will be issued in May.”


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The agency stated that it is processing returns on a daily basis, including weekends, and asked for the “public’s continued patience.”

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