According to Critics, the Michigan House’s Gas Tax Holiday Measure Jeopardizes Road Funding!


According to critics, the Michigan House gas tax holiday measure jeopardises road funding.

“The number one problem is gas.” The current price of gasoline,” noted State Representative Tyrone Carter, a Democrat who represents parts of Detroit, Ecorse, and River Rouge.

“Relief must come, and it must come quickly,” said State Representative David Martin, a Republican from Davison.

However, the movement to address gas taxes is highly politicized.

The Michigan House Has Voted to Postpone the 27-cent Gas Tax!

“Republican leaders reveal actual plan to provide immediate relief at the gas pump, calling on the governor to act,” said a press statement sent by GOP leaders in the House on Wednesday morning.

Suspension of the gas tax, according to critics from both parties and independent organisations, may cost the state $720 million in the money needed for road construction. Republicans indicated they expected the vote to take place early in the afternoon. They were then forced to negotiate for hours. It eventually passed, with some Democrats voting in favor of the tax holiday.

State Representative David Martin (R-Davison) admitted that the bill did not include financing for road repairs, but he stated that it would be addressed later.


Gas Tax


“The speaker pledged to backfill the funds,” Martin remarked.

The difficulty, according to local road commissions, is that gas tax revenue is paid to them on a monthly basis to fund their operations. Right now, it’s pothole season. They warned politicians that if the pledge to replace the funding is not kept, we will all be on difficult roads. They are also afraid that funds that may be utilized to expand road spending would be diverted to offset lost tax revenue.

Drivers who contacted WXYZ said it would be nice if our roads could be fixed and there was a gas tax break.


Rep. Berman: Extend help to Michiganders by suspending the gas tax.

‘we Have a Problem,’ Lawmakers Say, Urging the Suspension of the State’s Gas Tax.

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The bill still needs to be passed by the Senate and the Governor before it can become law.

“Governor Whitmer is continually looking for ways to cut costs and save money for drivers.” “Right now, the greatest option to reduce gas prices without jeopardizing our capacity to rebuild the damn roads is to suspend the federal gas tax,” her office stated in a statement.

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