According to California Officials, a Man Grabs a Baseball Bat From Walmart and Strikes an Officer With It.


According to El Cajon police, a 26-year-old guy stepped out of Walmart with an aluminium baseball bat and used it to attack a California police officer in the parking lot.

According to California police, a 26-year-old man faces charges of attempted murder of a police officer after swinging a stolen baseball bat at an officer’s head. At 3:39 p.m., Julian Sebastien Kurko stole an aluminium bat from a Walmart and used it to intimidate store employees. El Cajon Police Department issued a news release on Friday, March 4.


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Police said store security guards pursued Kurko throughout the establishment but lost sight of him. According to the news release, an El Cajon officer responding to a 911 call from the store spotted Kurko in the parking lot and requested him to drop the bat. Rather than that, authorities said, Kurko charged the officer with the bat up over his head and swung it at the officer’s head. With his arm, the cop diverted the bat and tackled Kurko.



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Additional cops arrived and assisted in subduing Kurko, who was fiercely struggling, according to the release. He was detained on robbery and attempted murder charges against a police officer. Police are asking anyone with knowledge to contact them at 619-579-3311. El Cajon is a city in Southern California located northeast of San Diego with a population of 103,000.

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