A Texas Man Wanted for the Murder of a Lawyer Has Been Apprehended in South Florida.


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – Authorities in South Florida have apprehended a man wanted in Texas for the murder of a Dallas attorney.

Steven Aubrey, 61, is said to have had a squabbling relationship with attorney Ira Tobolowsky in May of 2016.

According to Dallas Police, Aubrey set Tobolowsky on fire in his garage at that time.

Aubrey was apprehended in South Florida six years after the heinous murder.



“Ultimately, information and evidence gathered during the years-long investigation led to our arrest, and he was taken into custody in Oakland Park, Florida,” said Dallas Police Department spokesperson Kristin Lowman.

Aubrey appeared in court for the first time on Thursday, charged with capital murder. He will face the death penalty in Texas.

According to police, Aubrey spent some time at Tobolowsky’s house watching him. On the day of the murder, he cut a hole in Tobolowsky’s fence, filled a bottle with gasoline, and doused the 68-year-old attorney in it, killing him.

Tobolowsky was discovered burned to death in his garage, near his car. He was a family man who also had a spinal condition.

Aubrey and Tobolowsky were involved in two separate legal battles.

According to police, Tobolowsky represented Aubrey’s mother, who left him out of her will, which made Aubrey very angry, according to friends and family.

“To say they’re insane in some ways and many ways,” Tobolowsky family attorney Steve Schoettmer said, “I mean the anger was just unprecedented.”

That case became contentious, resulting in additional lawsuits, including one in which Tobolowsky sued Aubrey, accusing him of spreading lies. When Tobolowsky was murdered, the defamation case was still pending.

When his family was asked if Tobolowsky had any enemies, they immediately pointed to Aubrey.

Tobolowsky’s sons had even had heated exchanges with Aubrey on social media.

“Our dad was always the guy who protected others,” Michael Tobolowsky said, “and we feel like it’s our turn to kind of step up, do whatever we possibly can to help the police get the information they need.”

The case had gone cold for six years, but police said there was finally some evidence linking Aubrey to the murder.

Dallas Police have not released or stated what evidence led to Aubrey being charged with Tobolowsky’s murder.


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Aubrey is still being held at the Broward County Jail on a $2 million bond.

He will then be extradited to Dallas to face murder charges.

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