A Texas ‘magician’ Steals Roughly $3k From Walmart Using a Quick-change Trick.


(KXAN) — SEGUIN, Texas — According to the Seguin Police Department, a sleight-of-hand “magician” is stealing money from a Walmart in Texas.

On two occasions, on January 10 and February 12, police said a guy utilised a “quick-change” plan to steal $2,700 from unwary cashiers at the big-box shop.

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“Seguin’s next David Blaine performed a brief magic show at Walmart.” Unfortunately, only he was aware of the performance,” the department stated on its Facebook page.

The technique to perplex cashiers has been around for a long time. The burglar will pay for a low-cost item with a huge bill, making the cashier to return a significant quantity of change. The criminal then employs sleight of hand to pocket some of the money, giving the impression that he has been short-changed. The cashier splits the difference, and the burglar walks away with more money.



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The Seguin Police Department published two surveillance photographs of the “magician and fashionista” from Walmart. Police claimed they’d like to hire him “for his next magic performance,” and have asked anyone with information on his identification to contact Det. Schramm at 830-379-2123.

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