A Texas Kidnapping Suspect Was Discovered in an Rv Park in Bardstown With a 13-year-old Girl.


A 20-year-old man wanted in Texas for kidnapping was apprehended in Bardstown after being discovered with the 13-year-old girl at a recreational vehicle park.

According to a citation from the Bardstown Police Department, Nathanial Barger was arrested in the early morning hours of Thursday on charges of kidnapping a minor and receiving stolen property.




According to officials, Barger, who is from Louisiana, left Texas with the girl to travel to the Bardstown area. Police were called to the Walmart parking lot in Bardstown shortly after midnight Thursday after receiving information about a kidnapping juvenile.

The officers attempted to locate a black Yukon SUV with Texas plates but were unsuccessful. They then proceeded to the RV park My Old KY Home Campground, where they discovered the suspect vehicle.

According to police, they discovered Barger and the girl asleep in the car.

According to investigators, the girl’s guardian filed a police report in Texas after learning the two had fled the state. According to police, Barger is not related to the girl, and her guardian had no idea the 20-year-old had taken her.


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Police also discovered that the car the two were driving had been reported stolen in Cass County, Texas.

Barger was apprehended at the RV park. Additional information was not provided.

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