A Pair From the Bay Area Has Been Convicted of Stealing $500,000 From a Casino!


SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the conviction of a Livermore couple for their role in a gaming conspiracy that defrauded the 580 Casino of more than half a million dollars between 2015 and 2017.

According to a 2020 press statement accompanying the initial allegations, the pair was was charged with stealing around $4 million.

Prosecutors allege that Eric Nguyen and Khan “Tina” Tran, a husband-wife team, colluded to cheat in Baccarat while Tran worked as a dealer.

Tran would inspect the card sequence following shuffling and inform Nguyen, according to the criminal complaint. Nguyen would subsequently “engage in substantial wagering” and win.

The investigation was undertaken by special agents with the state’s department of justice and resulted in the filing of charges in Alameda County Superior Court.

After police apprehend a shooting suspect near a San Jose high school, the shelter-in-place order is lifted.
The pair pled guilty to felony grand theft and received 240 days in prison and two years of supervised probation. Additionally, they were forced to pay $507,600 in reparation.

California updates

The couple was initially detained in Texas on May 6, 2020, on felony arrest warrants out of California.

“Breaking the law is never the appropriate course of action,” Bonta remarked in a press release. “Our state will not accept criminal activities. Today’s announcement holds Nguyen and Tran accountable and sends a message that cheating will not result in success in California.”



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This is one of several gambling-related crimes being prosecuted by Bonta’s agency. Bonta issued a $3.5 million judgement against Pong Game Studios Corp. in September for illicit gaming.

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