A Man Has Been Found Guilty of Transporting More Than 50 Pounds of Marijuana From California to Jefferson Parish.


Long Nguyen, 46, was convicted by a Jefferson Parish jury of conspiring to ship more than 50 pounds of marijuana from California to Louisiana.

According to the district attorney’s office, Nguyen, a Vietnamese speaker who needed a translator in court, had the marijuana transported in vacuum-sealed packets, which were wrapped inside foil bags and housed in plywood-lined carton boxes.

Officers from the New Orleans area recovered the marijuana and $8,000 in cash from apartments, a storage facility, and a UPS delivery site. According to prosecutors, a Terrytown couple who received seven pounds of marijuana by mistake contacted 911 to report it.


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Jurors sat through a two-day trial and deliberated for 20 minutes before finding Nguyen guilty of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana, money laundering, and presenting a false name to a law enforcement official on Tuesday. Judge Frank Brindisi set the sentencing date for April 11.

Marijuana for recreational use is prohibited in Louisiana, although medical marijuana regulations have recently been modified to allow for the purchase of smokable marijuana “flower” in state dispensaries, as well as THC-infused beverages, topical treatments, inhalers, and candies.


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Bich Nguyen, Nguyen’s wife, is already serving two three-year prison sentences for her role in marijuana distribution. Man Danh, 54, of Gretna, and Nghia Hoaung, 54, of Belle Chasse, pleaded guilty to narcotics charges and were sentenced to five years in prison.

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