A Man From California Was Sentenced for Stealing Two Bear Cubs From a Den.


As the weather warms, bears, cubs and all, are emerging from hibernation. Regrettably, not all recent news about bears has been positive. A California man was recently sentenced to prison for taking two bear pups from their den.

Cody Dylon Setzer discovered a den site in a fallen log across a wooded road, according to USA Today. He stole two bear cubs estimated to be four weeks old as he crossed the road. Setzer abducted the cubs for unknown reasons and transported them to his worksite at a local forestry firm. He ultimately pleaded guilty to unlawful possession and hindering wildlife police after being apprehended.

Thus, how did he impede wildlife officers? He phoned wildlife police on March 9 of this year, claiming to have discovered them alongside a highway.

However, when a wildlife officer visited the area Setzer mentioned and discovered no bear tracks, he was not certain Setzer was being truthful. As a result, he initiated an investigation. DNA testing revealed that the cubs were most likely born in the Sacramento River canyon. This area is located 90 miles south of the location where Setzer claimed to have discovered the cubs.


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Capt. Patrick Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told the Associated Press that Setzer’s coworker admitted everything to wildlife officers when asked about the strange cub situation. “The other individual practically returned them to the den location,” he explained.

The cubs were transported to the CDFW’s Wildlife Health Laboratory in Rancho Cordova by officials. They were later rehabilitated at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. They eventually returned to their native Shasta County habitat after they were able to care for themselves.

Setzer was ordered to pay $2,290 in fines and costs and to perform 200 hours of community service.

Homeowner in New Hampshire Clears Brush and Discovers Abandoned Bear Cubs in Den
While Cody Setzer’s claims of discovering abandoned bear cubs were bogus, a New Hampshire resident did. They discovered a den with three bear pups inside while clearing bush on their land.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division shared the storey on their official Facebook page earlier this month. While cleaning a massive brush pile, the homeowner accidentally damaged the bear den, scaring the mother bear away. Surprisingly, three cubs remained.



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A California Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Two Bear Cubs From Their Den; Authorities Said Mama Bear Was Never Found.

“Earlier today, while clearing a large brush pile from their land, a homeowner unintentionally destroyed a bear den,” the message states. “The mother fled uninjured but left behind three cubs. CO Shawn MacFadzen was successful in relocating the three cubs, and it was decided that they would be taken to the Kilham Bear Center by a Fish and Game Department biologist.”

The Kilham Bear Center responded with their own post, stating that they received word that the three cubs were healthy and eating well.

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