A Car Crashes Off a California Freeway and Flies Away | March 2022!


This is scary!

A California guy driving his vehicle early one morning with his family inside had the fear of his life when a car veered off a nearby motorway and slammed into the road, nearly colliding with the truck. The bizarre scene was captured on camera by the man’s dashcam, which captured both his wife and 11-year-old daughter screaming in disbelief at how close they were to die.

On July 15, the automobile in question was going down Highway 99. It went 50 feet in the air, according to accounts. The California Highway Patrol reports that the car was involved in a hit-and-run accident shortly before the occurrence, which left it turned around and going in reverse at extreme speeds.

We would not be shocked if the driver was either experiencing a medical issue or was under the influence of something at the time of the collision. After all, who in their right mind accelerates down the highway by slamming their car into reverse?

The dashcam footage begins with a family driving along a street in Yuba City, California, listening to country music. They debated whether to return the trailer tied to the vehicle or to go for breakfast, eventually deciding to drop off the trailer first. That meant leading them down a path that would almost certainly result in a severe accident.

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Fortunately, the driver sustained just minor injuries in the collision. That is considered a miracle, as the car resembles a meteor prior to landing on its roof. Additionally, the automobile narrowly avoided colliding with the overhead power lines. The man who recorded the video stated that he exited the vehicle and extinguished a small fire that had started, a move that may have saved the driver’s life.



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Apart from the wife and children crying, what makes this video genuinely terrifying is how much of it appears like everyday life in the United States. This could have occurred anywhere, reminding us that each time we go behind the wheel, we must be vigilant and prepared for the unexpected.

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