9,000 Russian Troops Were Stationed in Belarus During the Russia-ukraine War, and Putin’s Forces Began ‘forced Deportations’


According to Reuters, the Belarusian defense ministry has said that about 9,000 Russian troops will be stationed in Belarus as part of a “regional grouping” of forces to protect its borders.

Last week, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that his troops would be stationed along the Ukrainian border with Russian forces as part of a “joint grouping.” He noted that Ukraine and the West posed a threat, so he said this was the best way to protect his country.

“The first Russian soldiers from the [regional grouping] have started to arrive in Belarus,” Valeriy Revenko, head of the defense ministry’s department for international military cooperation, tweeted on Sunday.

“It will take many days to move.

“The total won’t be quite as high as 9,000,” they said.

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The regional governor said that people in the Kyiv area avoided blackouts using less electricity.

Oleksiy Kuleba said on Telegram that residents’ “responsibility and unity” had helped cut energy use by 7%.

“This meant we didn’t have to deal with forced power outages that night,” he said.

9,000 Russian Troops Were Stationed in Belarus During the Russia-ukraine War, and Putin's Forces Began 'forced Deportations'

“At least one electric appliance and any lights that aren’t needed should be turned off at night.” Let’s open a new front and be smart with our energy.

Since Russian attacks this week hurt a lot of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Ukrainian officials have been worried about the country’s ability to get power.

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US and ally security sources told the Washington Post that they think Iran has agreed to give Russia surface-to-surface missiles and attack drones to use in Ukraine.

A US ally told the publication that Iranian officials went to Moscow last month to finalize the details of a shipment of more weapons.

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It comes after UK intelligence found that Russia probably can’t make more missiles at the rate it is already putting them into use.

Russia is thought to have used more than 80 missiles in a series of attacks across Ukraine, including one on Monday against the capital, Kyiv.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iran’s foreign minister, said on Saturday that Iran “has not and will not send any weapons to be used in the battle in Ukraine.”

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No matter what Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, says, the rest of the world is against Putin’s aggressive war. More than 140 countries criticized Moscow at the United Nations last week, but only North Korea, Syria, Belarus, and Nicaragua supported the resolution.

9,000 Russian Troops Were Stationed in Belarus During the Russia-ukraine War, and Putin's Forces Began 'forced Deportations'

Even though three-quarters of the world’s countries agree that war is terrible and most of them are against it, no tangible steps have been taken to stop the fighting and start a genuine peace process.

Diplomacy isn’t working because Putin doesn’t want peace. Since the U.S. first warned of an invasion, Putin has turned down all attempts to settle the situation peacefully.

The leaders of the West must now use the one big non-military tool they still have.

Diplomacy has failed, and it’s time to admit it. It’s time to completely cut Moscow off from the rest of the world by pulling out all American, European, and G7 ambassadors, closing all Western embassies, and keeping Russian officials out of international organizations like the United Nations. At the same time, all Russian diplomats must be sent packing.

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