Rocket Launchers Were Discovered in a Trash Can Near a Middle School in California!


Two rocket launchers and a practice grenade were discovered earlier this week in a trash can near a California middle school, authorities said.

The firearms were discovered during a search warrant in Temecula, Calif., by a community service officer with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Christopher Whetstone, 41, was arrested on grand theft charges based on video surveillance and fingerprint evidence.

“During the execution of a search warrant, evidence of the original offense, narcotics, and a bazooka were discovered,” Riverside County Sgt. Edward Soto stated.

“While there is a school just behind the concerned property, the school was not directly involved in the incident,” Soto stated.

Margarita Middle School is located less than 300 feet from the location of the weapons.

Are These Weapons Legal to Possess?

The National Firearms Act classifies grenades and rocket launchers, popularly known as bazookas, as “destructive instruments.” Additionally, they are classified as guns and hence allowed with a correct registration.

State and municipal governments, on the other hand, have the authority to further regulate or outlaw firearms in their jurisdictions.

Possessing a destructive device is unlawful in California if the owner and knowledge of the device can be established in court.

The severity of the penalties for violating that statute — misdemeanor or felony — is determined by the suspect’s previous history and the circumstances surrounding the conduct.

As a misdemeanor, the offense carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. As a felony, violators risk a maximum prison sentence of three years and a $10,000 fine.

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However, Legal Arguments Can Be Made if the Weapon Is Licensed

Whetstone was detained Tuesday on a variety of offenses, including grand theft, interfering with a motor vehicle, and possessing tear gas. He was not charged with felony possession of rocket launchers or grenades.


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“We encourage the public to contact law enforcement if they come across these things or wish to legally dispose of them,” the sheriff’s department posted on Instagram. “Frequently, they are discovered while sorting through the things of a deceased relative. We would be pleased to come to check on them and ensure their safety before properly disposing of them (returning them to the military).”

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