13 States Continue to Send $1,000 Stimulus Checks: the Specifics


More than a dozen states are sending out stimulus checks to their residents, with some checks being sent out even though inflation shows no signs of slowing. Essential commodities and gasoline prices remain at all-time highs. Several states are using surplus budgeted funds and leftover federal pandemic relief funds to assist residents during these trying times.

The assistance has varied in form and amount in each state, and in some cases has taken the form of tax rebates. The stimulus check for Georgia residents comes in the form of a one-time rebate on their tax filings. While single filers will receive a $250 rebate, married couples filing jointly will receive twice that amount. The rebate will be $375 for the head of household.

Stimulus Check

Idaho has set aside $350 million in tax breaks for its residents. People who have been full-time residents for the past two years and have filed their IT returns (2020-21). Residents should have also submitted their returns for a grocery credit refund. The rebate amounts to approximately 12% of the state tax returns for 2020.

Indiana has a built-in system that, thanks to legislation passed nearly a decade ago, automatically returns excess reserve funds to residents when they reach certain thresholds. Half of the surplus funds will be returned to taxpayers, while the other half will be used to reduce the state’s debt. Residents will receive a one-time $125 rebate in the middle of the year.

Last summer, New Jersey mailed tax refunds to middle-class residents. Residents who filed their 2020 tax returns and claimed one dependent received at least a payment equal to the maximum stimulus check of $500.

Residents of New Mexico will receive a $250 stimulus check as a tax rebate if their earnings are less than $75,000.


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85,000 Maine residents will receive $850 in June if their earnings are $100,000 or less, while California residents could receive $400 for each registered vehicle they own. Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, has announced a $2.2 billion property tax rebate for approximately 2.5 million homeowners.

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